Friday, August 29, 2008

So life goes on...

Wednesday afternoon I came home and the coroner was parked across the street. Apparently my neighbor died of a heart attack probably about a week ago. Some of his friends were concerned, contacted the police and checked it out. He was dead for a week or so.

I saw the body being carted off in a gurney in an unmarked gray van.

Oh well. As someone once said, you'll eventually see an orthopedic doctor or a cardiologist. How you live your life depends on which one you see.

My neighbor was a nice enough guy, but he lived a rather sedentary life. Eventually all that stuff catches up with you. Hope he is in a better place.

And that brings us full circle to: friends. Honestly, I hope my friends do look for me if I disappear for awhile. I don't want to be found accidentally as bones somewhere...

You can't take it all with you, and all you have left is really the memories.


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Anonymous said...

I've been to the cardiologist. It was to get a heart murmur checked out. They run in my family.