Thursday, July 31, 2008

McClellan Butte

Um the trail.
Me. Notice the brand new boots. Set me back quite a bit. Quite comfortable actually, still need to be broken in. Sole still stiff. Some rubbing on my left heel. Otherwise good to go.

Well McClellan Butte hike was good. We started at 5:30PM. Sunset was at 8:27PM, so we (the slower group) hiked up about half way till we got to our turnaround time of 7:00PM. At 7:00PM sharp we went back down, got back to the lot at 8:30, and it quickly became dark soon after.

The other team, went all the way up to the summit, and returned an hour later at the parking lot 9:30PM. The summit is 9.8 Miles from the Trailhead, with about 3'700 - 4'000 feet elevation gain. The pictures they brought back was outstanding, and I'll plan to do McClellan Butte as a day hike and not an evening conditioner. I figure this would be a great day hike. At 1,000 feet/hour, I'd like to go up there and plan 4 hours up and 4 hours down, with an hour lunch at the summit. That will be a lot of fun.

I figured we got up about halfway. 2.5Miles up, and about 2000 feet. So total would be 5.0 Miles, and 2000 feet elevation gain.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Of Mosquitoes and Men

Normally, I would post pictures. However, I didn't have my camera. Went to Soda Peaks this weekend and probably have over 50 bug bites on my body. And 3 in oh so not comfortable places.

I used some high powered Deet, you know the one that melts plastic. However the mosquitoes were undeterred. It actually took 3 applications of Deet to finally have them go away... Somewhat.

My head is covered in bumps. My hands, elbows. My face has a few mosquito bites as well.

And get this. This morning on my way out to answer the call of nature, mosquitoes found their target as I was making a special delivery. "What can brown do for you?" Anyways, that was not fun. I could've seen the most beautiful place on earth, but honestly I don't remember it much because of the mosquitoes. It punches throw clothing, gloves. Nasty little critters. It was enough to go crazy. I had my hoodie over my head looking like Kenny from Southpark but still they managed to find some small spot.

I guess with all the snow melt, they're breeding like crazy. And there's still snow on the ground so more to come. I think I'm going to hold off on camping till it gets much drier. I'm itchy all over. I'm going to take a shower and lather myself up in aloe... Ah... That sounds like relief right there.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Small Si

On the ledge.
A shot through the valley.
New Balance Shoes Rules! Model 476,477, 478!

Small Si Reference Mark.

Goat Mountain

Sun through the trees.
Trees, rapids and mini-waterfall.
Dead Tree.
More dead trees.
Mount Adams visible on the way up to Goat Mountain
Exposed ridgeline off trail 213. The valley is pretty cool.
On top of some rock posing in the valley. Although not visible, lots of elk droppings around. Apparently elk likes this view also.
Another shot, this time during a summer hazy day. (1 day later)

Passing by the edge of the blast zone from Mt. Saint Helens.