Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wallace River

These pictures were taken last Thursday at Wallace Falls State Park, which is by Gold Bar and Sultan in the convergence zone of the Cascades.

The park is awesome, although the trip into the park can be unnerving by passing underneath high voltage lines. It was drizzling (big surprise) at the time, and the sizzle/crackling noise of the power lines just did not sit right with me. I made it across the power lines post haste. Oh, there's a beautiful view of the valley, but the picture is not posted, well because, I did not take it for one. And two, the power lines were in the way.

Anyways, past the power lines you go through a now nicely manicured trail, with excellent switch backs and check steps. Thanks Washington Trails Association (WTA)! I did not go see the rest of the sights, but there are big waterfalls at the end. Ergo, the name, Wallace Falls State Park.

Other than that it was a pleasant walk in the park.

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