Monday, November 19, 2007

Wow a conscious stream

A stream of thoughts...hmmn. Just another day which makes you wonder why Bloggers blog at all. And that is the desire to be read. But for now, the readership right now is basically myself. As sometimes this is a journal to be read by strangers and myself.

Seriously, friends don't need to know too much about my thoughts. If I wanted to let them know what I'm thinking, I would've told them already.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Blogging can be very surreal especially when you first get going. I have never managed to drum up a massive readership but I do have some regualr readers who keep coming back which makes it easier to put something down on the page but also harder at the same time. When I thought no-one was reading I didn't really censor myself but now my family, friends and colleagues know about my blog, I am more cautious. It's still fun though and while that's the case, I will keep on blogging! Good luck!

Wraith Mehihca said...

It is seriously much better to blog to strangers than talk to my friends. Strange how I think they will judge me, and fear it, more than I think strangers will judge me. But then I do not think any of my friends truly understand, I am hoping the variety of comments or nothingness will serve as a soul mate until I find someone to love me.

Blog on my friend!