Sunday, July 27, 2008

Of Mosquitoes and Men

Normally, I would post pictures. However, I didn't have my camera. Went to Soda Peaks this weekend and probably have over 50 bug bites on my body. And 3 in oh so not comfortable places.

I used some high powered Deet, you know the one that melts plastic. However the mosquitoes were undeterred. It actually took 3 applications of Deet to finally have them go away... Somewhat.

My head is covered in bumps. My hands, elbows. My face has a few mosquito bites as well.

And get this. This morning on my way out to answer the call of nature, mosquitoes found their target as I was making a special delivery. "What can brown do for you?" Anyways, that was not fun. I could've seen the most beautiful place on earth, but honestly I don't remember it much because of the mosquitoes. It punches throw clothing, gloves. Nasty little critters. It was enough to go crazy. I had my hoodie over my head looking like Kenny from Southpark but still they managed to find some small spot.

I guess with all the snow melt, they're breeding like crazy. And there's still snow on the ground so more to come. I think I'm going to hold off on camping till it gets much drier. I'm itchy all over. I'm going to take a shower and lather myself up in aloe... Ah... That sounds like relief right there.

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