Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bucket of Balls

Went to the driving range with Joe & Krause (not pictured). It was Krause's birthday and so a day at the range was a lot of fun! Driving ranges are popular in Seattle, well mainly because it rains quite a bit (big surprise) and it's a lot of fun.

It's all the fun of golf without having to find where the ball landed. It takes most of the frustration out of the equation.

I never thought I'd enjoy golf, but there's something oddly satisfying driving a ball 200 yards down range. The driving range is cool as everyone is working on their stroke, some are great, most are good, and quite a bit are beginners. We fall into the latter category. It was nevertheless a lot of fun.

There is a zen-like moment when you connect with the ball and everything aligns. Your shot powers through and your golf ball follows a nice straight ballistic trajectory.

I have to find out when the ballpicker makes his rounds, as I heard that it's a lot of fun to aim for the armored golf cart that picks up the balls downrange.

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